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  • Blue Cheese 100% (10)

    By breeding the famous Skunk #1 “Cheese” through the original and perennially popular Blueberry line, Barney’s Farm has created a productive, easy-to-grow strain yielding incredibly fragrant and tasty buds.

    The characteristically intense and pungent aged-cheese aromas are tempered with sweet blueberry notes. Flavors are soft but assertive, singing of berries n’ cream.

    This short, stocky plant has strong side branches that develop tight, sticky colas during a fairly short flowering period. The potent effects are calming and relaxing – a true sensation for Indica enthusiasts.

    Type: Indica
    GENETICS: Big Buddha Cheese X Blueberry
    Yield: Optimum indoor. 500 gr/m2
    Height: 60 - 70 cm (indoor)
    Flowering time: 60 to 65 days (indoor)
    Harvest time: End of September (outdoor)

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